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Who is private islander tours ?

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private islander tours is a family business. It is our pleasure to acquaint our guests with the authentic thai way of live. This includes the representation of culture, the inhabitants and - also important - thai cuisine.

But first of all we offer holidays on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Mak. Koh Mak is the homebase of private islanders. This island offers among other things magnific white beaches, exotic coconut plantations and untouched nature. By the way, the island is since generations mostly owned by the family of private islanders. This guarantees that the island will never be overrun with mass tourism.

Koh Mak is located 320 km south-east of Bangkok (see map on page insel). About 400 people live here, who mostly support their living with work on the plantations and fishing. Tourism is only a minor factor in the economic life of the island.


Our main tour is the trip from the busting city of Bangkok to the quaint and natural island of Koh Mak. You will be picked up at your hotel by an english-speaking guide, who drives you to the coast in a minibus. On the way you will travel past Bangkok and you can follow the change of the landscape near Chantaburi. From there a speed boat will take you nearly straight to your bungalows on Koh Mak. On the way to Koh Mak you will pass a few other islands, for instance Koh Chang.
After 11 relaxing or as you like exciting days on Koh Mak your guide will escort you back to your hotel in Bangkok.

But before you head off for Koh Mak we already offer you two different tours in Bangkok itself:

a) culture trip:

A tour to Bangkoks most outstanding Thai temples and museums.

b) consumers trip:

Shopping tour to the places of the thai-society, authentic thai cuisine and a stopover at the Bangkok nightscene, but see item 5 in the list below! (Our guide will definitely not bring you to a "relative", who has a good "deal" in order to get percentages.)
The guide will only show you to the places, where real thai life is happening, where Thais are shopping, dining and socializing.

During your stay on Koh Mak we offer:

a) island-hoppers tour:

A day trip from island to island, including a picknick and a bath and shower under a waterfall.

b) mainland tour:

Overnight trip to the small but busy town of Chantaburi with its catholic church (the biggest in Thailand) and to the buddhist mountain temple Wat Kao Su Kim. Overnight you will stay in a beautiful resort.

Our philosophy

private islander tours are proud to show you another, if you like, the real Thailand:
Silent places in the megatropolis Bangkok; modern, western and progressive society in Southeast Asia; honest and easy-going guides in the shopping areas. For our guests and especially for the environment we vote for soft tourism, which includes that guests with private islander only travel in small groups up to 12 people. On Koh Mak we successfully try to consider the needs of the tourist by respecting cultural and environmental issues at the same time.

We from private islander tours welcome open-minded guests, who are young at heart and have a sense for nature and an understanding for different cultures. Here, we take advantage of our eurasian background, which enables us to combine the eastern and western merits in our service.
We are happy to show our guests all sides of thai culture. This also includes thai cuisine. We not only know the best restaurants around, we offer a thai cooking course on Koh Mak, as well.

Priorities of private islander tours
  • The tour operators and guides have their roots in the target regions.
  • The guides are insiders and know their paths away from mass tourism.
  • All trips and activities are voluntary, there is no "peer pressure".
  • While touring, no more then 12 people will travel in one group, in order to ensure soft tourism.
  • Sex tourists are not welcome!
For any enquiries just send a mail to private islander tours.
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